Carbon-related air pollution kills 8,000 people in New Jersey every year and 7 million people worldwide. Climate-change related sea level rise will displace at least 170,000 people from their homes in New Jersey by 2100.


The Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD) advocacy group have been working on a policy top combat carbon emissions by:

  • putting a price on carbon
  • returning the revenue to households
  • being politically feasible: CFD is supported by
    • Democrats and Republicans,
    • environmentalists and economists, and even
    • fossil fuel companies!

For more details look into the 94-page white paper!

Since New Jersey’s governor was elected and plans to take strong public health and environmental action, this is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity to get good air and climate policy passed in New Jersey. Governor Murphy’s transition team is seriously considering our proposal.

If you want to contribute to the enactment of an effective, bipartisan solution to carbon emissions in New Jersey, join! The group meets Sundays at 7 PM in Frist 201, the Pace Center Lounge. Sign up for the listserv! No background required! All are welcome!