Carbon Neutral Campus: Referendum Passed!

The Carbon Neutral Campus’s team USG referendum passed! 42% of students voted on it (well above the minimum 33% required), and 95% who voted said yes. The referendum passing sends a clear message to the administration that the student body cares greatly about climate change and wants Princeton to take more decisive action towards reducing our emissions. Although we were concerned that many students may not vote after last year's honor code debacle, turnout in this election was higher than in many past elections, a fact we largely attribute to the way our campaign resonated with undergraduates. We sincerely hope that the administration shares our belief in viewing this referendum as a call to action -- Princeton has a responsibility to its students to decarbonize as quickly as possible for a sustainable future.

Now the Carbon Neutral Campus team is brainstorming ideas for how to implement it starting next year. If you’re interested in learning more or joining the efforts, email Claire (the team lead) at