Campus Poll Results

On January 17th, 2017, on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Princeton Student Climate Lobby sent out a survey to the thousands of worried students on Princeton’s campus. What we wanted to know was simple: how do people feel about climate change?


With climate science being one of the areas most in danger from the new administration, Princeton students demonstrated their concern. Of the 260 responses, over 95% believe that climate change has started and is anthropogenic (caused by human activity). Of those, 94% believe it will pose a threat to humanity within our lifetime, 88% want to learn solutions to the problem, and 71% want to know how their actions affect climate change.

Given the evident need for more discussion and action supporting the fight against climate change, PSCL also wanted to find some current problems with climate change reporting. Of our responders, over half felt reporting was both too partisan, and insufficient. Other prominent concerns were the complexity of current reporting and there not being enough attempt to offer actionable solutions.

With this information in mind, PSCL knows there is space for a group on campus to educate and facilitate action to find solutions to climate change. This is what we hope to do.